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What is Limitless?2022-06-21T21:57:44+08:00

Limitless – for children, for change, for life is World Vision’s Asian Summit for Corporate Good. The theme of this year’s virtual summit is “Crisis to Hope: How Corporations can lead Sustainable Change?”. Through a combination of inspiring plenary sessions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, the Summit will feature innovative examples of how community – civil society – corporate partnerships are unlocking new business opportunities and capital, while driving impact.

Limitless will convene 400 of Asia’s corporate sustainability leaders virtually to discuss about the global goals – the challenges, the innovations, the solutions and the workable models for multi-lateral cooperation in driving progress. If you are a corporate sustainability leader, or aspire to be one, we invite you to join us virtually from 2 to 3 August 2022.

When and Where Will Limitless take place?2022-06-21T21:58:08+08:00

Limitless is a virtual summit and will be held online on August 2 – 3, 2022.

What is the programme of the Summit?2022-06-21T21:58:41+08:00
How can I participate in the WV Limitless summit?2022-06-21T21:59:02+08:00

All attendees are invited to join in the conversations, interact with peers and companies in attendance along with networking with participants virtually.

Who can attend the WV Limitless Summit?2022-06-21T21:59:30+08:00

All Chief Executives and senior management of business partners who are keen to deliver on the global goals. Representatives from business, civil society, academia, Governments, the UN and any corporate sustainability leader or aspiring sustainability leader.

Can I attend the Limitless Summit if I am not a partner of World Vision?2022-06-24T13:18:25+08:00

Individuals that are not associated with World Vision are welcome to attend the event. You can register for this event on this link

Can I attend the Limitless Summit as a media representative?2022-06-24T13:19:23+08:00

Representatives interested in attending the Limitless Summit should fill out the press pass request form. Our Media team will review your request and follow up with you if you are approved.

What will be the language of the Limitless Summit?2022-06-21T22:00:30+08:00

All sessions at Limitless Summit will be conducted in English.

Are there speaking opportunities at the Limitless Summit?2022-06-24T13:20:46+08:00

WV Limitless Summit is designed to help participants communicate ideas and opportunities related to the Global Goals and will be a highly interactive event. As a result, there are a limited number of formal speaking opportunities at the WV Limitless Summit If you would like to speak at the Limitless Summit or any World Vision event, please reach out to contact@limitless-wvi.org.  If a speaker opportunity arises our staff will contact you.

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