Below are instructions for Attendees to join and enjoy the Limitless event hosted on Airmeet.

Register for Airmeet event

Use the event link provided by the organizers to reach the event landing page. This page will display the event details like title, date, time description, event partners, etc.
Click on the “Register for this event” button. You’re requested to log in using the email on which you were invited.

Upon signing up, you will then have to confirm your details. Provide your name, designation, organization, and location details.

Provide device permission to grant access to your camera and mic.

For technical Instruction, kindly click here.
If everything looks good, click “Save” and you’re in!
Don’t forget to block your calendar for the event by clicking on “Add this to my calendar.”

Enter Airmeet

The event will open up only when the event organizer starts it. Use the attendee registration link provided to you, and you’ll land on the event window where you have to click on the “Enter event” button.

Log in using your same email id used while registering.
Limitless is an invitee only event, the link provided will act as an authentication itself. You will only be required to fill in your name, organization, and designation details to take you straight to the event.

View Reception

As you will enter the event you will be landing on the Reception area that is the welcome area for attendees. Here, you can see ongoing and live sessions, interact with people in lounge.

See the listed event sponsors and visit their websites only if the organizer opt to add the details.

You can also have access to your public and private chat.

Join Session

Event level controls:

  • Feed: Participate in the Event level chat interact with other participants.
  • People: The list of event participants is being shown over here. You can hover over the attendees profile to view the attendee card information, initiate a direct message & also schedule a meeting with them.

You can also schedule meeting with AttendeesSchedule Meetings with participants on the Airmeet event


Once you click on the schedule icon, you’ll see the event agenda along with the session information, you can also search by different tags to attend the session of your relevant interest, along with the date and time of the event.

You can bookmark the sessions you would like to attend. There will be a number indicator to show how many sessions are live.

Exploring the Booths

The Booths section is an exhibition area, where you can experience the work that World Vision does across Asia and you can enter just by clicking on it.

You can catch up with the booth representative in the booth lounge for video chat and discussions, you can also click on the CTA “Register Interest” button to send your contact details to exhibitors.

Quick Tips:

For a flawless visualizing experience on Airmeet, do keep the following in mind:

Use a Laptop/Desktop and Google Chrome to join.

Have a stable and good internet connection

If you have difficulty seeing the speaker’s feed, refresh the page/restart browser, and ensure that you close any other video conferencing tool you may have used recently.